Theo Paphitis #SBS

So proud to have been chosen by Mr Paphitis, in the #SBS on Twitter. Seems I am now in the 1% that get picked, from all the people that join in !! Had a fantastic day at the SBS 2019 event, at ICC in Birmingham, perfectly pitched day and extremely well presented. Everything laid on at no cost, including a guest invited and no hard sell, just offers and information. Speakers that related tales of their personal business journeys and technical advice, to help with more down to earth everyday business matters.

Cannot wait for next event, even though I can only get presented with my #SBS certificate once.

Annual Christmas madness

Every year, at about this time, I get the usual frantic calls, emails or texts, asking for slots before the Christmas / New Year period. My longstanding clients should know better by now, as I have been getting bookings since October, for closest to shut down etc. Have had a number of new clients, that have been savvy enough to plan ahead and now I am having to give ‘old’ clients, dates that they did not plan on.

My hope for 2019, is that everyone finally learns the lesson and gets planning their end of year carpet, rug or upholstery cleans ……. preferably a month or so in advance.

Not a professional !!

Very happy client this morning and she said that was glad she took the time to seek out a ‘professional’ carpet cleaner. She looked a bit surprised when I told her that I am not fond of that description !! As I explained, you could ask a neighbour that had hired a little DIY machine and you offered to pay him to ‘scrub’ your carpet as well. That effectively makes it his ‘profession’ for the day, as you’ve paid him to carry out the work. My preferred term, is one that was used on certain jobs within Parliament and one that I am far happier with ………. I overheard me being described as the carpet cleaning specialist, when being admitted to deal with problems that had been left behind by contract cleaners. 

I think I can live with being know as a specialist, in my field of carpet, upholstery and rug cleaning. I do not do general types of cleaning, on leather sofas or wood & stone flooring, I specialise in a few particular types of soft furnishings.

Chris Straker